Jonathan Bhaskar

Recent projects

High School down, where next?

An interactive visualization for high school graduates that compares programs offered by post-secondary institutions in Canada with living expenses. Won "Best Student Team" at the Canadian Open Data Hackathon 2015.

Metro Vancouver Bus Dashboard

A real time interactive Geovisualization of bus positions and delays with aggregated statistics.

Predicting the likability of a photo on Instagram

A web app that predicts how "likable" a photo will be on Instagram using Convolutional Neural Networks and a training dataset of a hundred thousand Instagram photos.

Convolutional Neural Networks

A paper that explains the working of a Convolutional Neural Network in detail.

Measuring the effect of inventing practice exercises on learning in an introductory programming course

Co-author, In Proceedings of the 15th Koli Calling Conference on Computing Education Research, pages 13-22, 2015.

Distributed Consensus Protocols

An in-depth comparison of Paxos and Raft.

Ranking products by Bayesian estimates

A study and proposal for a better way to rank products on the Internet.