Jonathan Bhaskar

MSc in CS at Simon Fraser University

Recent projects

Predicting the likability of a photo on Instagram (demo) (paper)

A web app that predicts how "likable" a photo will be on Instagram using Convolutional Neural Networks and a training dataset of a hundred thousand Instagram photos.

Convolutional Neural Networks (paper)

A paper that explains the working of a Convolutional Neural Network in detail.

Metro Vancouver Bus Dashboard (demo) (paper)

A real time interactive Geovisualization of bus positions and delays with aggregated statistics.

High School down, where next? (demo)

An interactive visualization for high school graduates that compares programs offered by post-secondary institutions in Canada with living expenses. Won "Best Student Team" at the Canadian Open Data Hackathon 2015.

Measuring the effect of inventing practice exercises on learning in an introductory programming course (paper)

Co-author, In Proceedings of the 15th Koli Calling Conference on Computing Education Research, pages 13-22, 2015.

Distributed Consensus Protocols (paper)

An in-depth comparison of Paxos and Raft.

Ranking products by Bayesian estimates (paper)

A study and proposal for a better way to rank products on the Internet.